Thursday, January 23, 2014

Psychological Vs Physical Addictions

Crystal Jillson Kronbeck English 26 4-14-11 Essay # 2 psychological Vs somatogenic Addictions All habituations be change because they dedicate ca utilize the manners of those devoted harm in some steering or another some have long sustenance suffering and some argon adapted to recover from their dependances faster.. mental dependencys Like Food dependance, cannabis addiction are not as painful as those Physical addictions interchangeable diacetylmorphine and alcohol and both be tough according to the gracelessness of the addiction. Psychological addictions are harmful because they are centered in ones thinking such addictions like fodder addition, and even hemp addiction .First off regimen addiction ,would be specialize as a characterized by compulsive eating and an fixing with weight and body image .Persons with a food addiction display an obsession with, and craving for, food and eating, a preoccupation with finding sources of food associated with pleasure and comfort, a compulsive speech rhythm of eating and the lack of an susceptibility to stop abusing food. Food addiction dis shapes are behavioral patterns which base of operations from emotional conflicts that need to be resolved in gear up for the sufferer to develop a healthy relationship with food. Furtherto a greater extent , the same goes with someone addicted to Marijuana sure weed is not as harmful as other medicates but it is more psychological addicting because it is in any(prenominal) case centered in the brains thinking and many time used as a emotional crutch there are no studies that show that the body has a physical addiction to this drug . Both addictions are still very damaging to ones health but are easier to treat vs a soulfulness who has a chemical dependency to a harder drug such a Meth or Heroin. Treatment for these addiction would constitute of split of behavior modification and intense ther apy. Physical addictions like heroin a! nd Alcohol come with heavy with draw symptoms which makes the recovery operate harder. First off heroin addicts have a more difficult...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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